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Show up every day and Default to YES - Your Extraordinary Self

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Schedule Your FREE Discovery Call - Let's see if this is a fit for you! 

One step forward, Two steps back?
Unmet goals?
Knowing you want more, but what? how? 
Losing sleep, stressing about all the things? 
  • No more procrastination
  • No more second guessing, overthinking...
  • Progress and process over perfection
  • Self-Compassion and Joy over judgement

In this Transformative Coaching Experience:

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Are you ready to Default to Your Extraordinary Self?

Great! I'll send you an email shorty, with next steps!

Hello, I'm Juli Reynolds

I'm a wife, mom and nurse who knows what it is like to want more from your career choice and health care. I have dedicated the past decade to the research, practice and teaching of natural solutions for health and wellness, and getting Board Certification in Nurse Coaching. I love essential oils, books, mindfulness, breath work and arugula. I do everything in a way that honors my desire to think, create and learn for the purpose of moving others forward.  My mission? To do everything that I can to make sure that you wake up every day and default to Y.E.S. - Your Extraordinary Self! 

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This group is for you if you want something, are determined to get it and like to optimize your efforts and not have to figure it out all on your own. 
The beauty of coaching ... nothing is off limits. 
  • Leadership Skills

  • Health Goals

  • Mindset Mastery

  • Goal / Habit / Time Management

  • Nervous System Reset

  • Sustainable Strategy / Framework Development

What it looks like...

You will have power tools you need to move forward with ease - building the confidence, the courage and the skills for getting to your goals - and enjoying the journey!

There is power in not going it alone, sharing the journey brings joy, purpose and clarity. 


Group Coaching Sessions twice each month - "hot seat" opportunites,  Group insight, accountability, celebration. Access to recordings of all sessions. 


One 1:1 Session each month. Personalized coaching, planning, accountability. 

Unlimited messaging on private app.  Personalized work book. 

 Transformation Tools

Weekly Content: - Go at your own pace, skill building, mindset work and tools for well-being. 

Access to all recordings for the life of the group. 

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