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I will teach you how to use essential oils to create a wellness routine that is a fit for YOU!
Remove the obstacles and reach your goals. 

Feel better. Live Well.

Natural Solutions : Reimagine Wellness

Everyone should have Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Nurse Coach on their team! 

I am so amazed by the effectiveness of essential oils for so many things that lead to better days along this journey. I am excited to share, to educate you about the power these gifts of nature have to change lives, helping us to reimagine wellness - of mind, body and spirit. With growing evidence and popularity of integrative medicine, essential oils have found their way back into the health care setting. Essential oils are a simple, economical intervention for alleviate certain physical symptoms, promote emotional well-being, and provide comfort.


I work with a lot of Nurses who are incorporating essential oils into their personal and professional practice. Nurses are uniquely positioned to lead in initiating evidence based essential oil / aromatherapy programs into the health care setting. I have the experience to help you avoid some of the common mistakes and save you TONS of Time!!

I help with:

  • ​​Personal Wellness Plans

  • Clinic Consultation / Aromatherapy for Patients making lifestyle changes

  • Program Development / Policy

  • Roll out Process involving you key stake holders

  • Evidence Based Education for Leaders, Staff and Patients

  • Product/Vendor choices

  • Research design

  • ​Introductory Clinical Aromatherapy Courses

  • Individualized Coaching for any or all of your goals

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