Hi, I'm Juli Reynolds. 


I am thrilled that somehow, our paths have crossed. As a registered nurse of more than 30 years now, I've come to realize that nothing is more important than your health and wellbeing. When you don't feel well, it's hard to show up in a way that you really want to. 


After working with hundreds of leaders who struggle with all the barriers and caring for thousands of patients suffering from conditions that may have been preventable, I decided to transform my nursing practice to be far more in alignment with what I know to be true. It's all connected - body, mind and Spirit. Living our purpose is not as hard as you think.


Wellness is something that you can obtain at any stage of your life, regardless of where you are sick or not. Regardless of what diagnosis or condition you have, there are natural solutions and obstacles that can be overcome. You deserve to feel better and live well. How you show up in the world matters to all of us. 

On the journey with you,

If you have any questions, email me anytime at juli@reimaginewellness.org