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If you dread mornings and tend to start your day feeling rushed,
tired and foggy, and would like to change that, keep reading.  
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Are you ready to turn your morning into a truly "good morning"?

This free guide will walk you through a 3 step process that will put you on your way to creating a plan that de-stress your mornings, and increase your focus and energy throughout the day.

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I know that not every day can go as planned...but you can get it started in the right direction!

Create your MORNING SHIFT!

This is for you if...


  • You have things to do, places to be - in the morning
  • You want to show up to your day more energized and focused.
  • You find yourself mumbling, rolling your eyes, avoiding, or wanting to avoid those who greet your with a little too enthusiastic "good morning!" 
  • You tell people, have a tshirt or sign that conveys your desire not to be spoken to until you have had a sufficient caffeine infusion.
  • You hit the snooze once - or more - every morning.
  • You end up rushed to be on time, and sometimes even then your end up late. 
  • You are moving through your day fueled by caffeine, chocolate and daydreams about crawling back in bed or curling up on the couch.












What would it be like to not dread getting up in the morning?   

Imagine starting every day, your way - 
Making even a small shift will set yourself up for the win!

Not every day is going to go according to plan

we have more control than any other time, in the morning...

More energy, focus, joy is possible - even in the morning.

Maybe, especially in the morning! 

Just about every day, can begin with a win! 

If this is resonating with you... 
I'd love to share a guide that I created for my clients who 
have now successfully created their MORNING SHIFT and are starting their days with more intention, focus and energy! 
3 Step Process to
Create your Morning Shift! 
and design a morning routine that works for you
to get your day started off right! 

Live a life you love - showing up in the world the way you really want.. 

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Design your own Morning Shift...

This free guide will walk you through a 3 step process that will put you on your way to creating a plan that de-stress your mornings, and increase your focus and energy throughout the day.

Click here to download

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Design your day - starting with a Morning Shift

Utilize a few simple, power tools to regain control over every aspect of your life

Science backed tools to start every day with win! 

How To Avoid The Common Pitfalls that hijack your day to day and leave you feeling exhausted.

Others are making the Morning Shift too...

I have been a Nurse for over 30 years, during that time I have led Community Organizations, Research Teams, and been involved in Professional Organizations. I have observed and led leaders in protecting their own well-being - finding their meaning in their work and living according to their own personal style. 


Leadership principles and how powerful our minds are when they are set in the right place - is what keeps me up late at night, it's my passion.  My purpose as a Nurse Coach is to help you to remove the barriers in the way of the life and work that you really want.


In this guide, you will learn 3 simple steps to creating your own, unique Morning Shift - for optimized and sustainable Well-Being and a win, every day!

You will learn a process that I take my clients through to start their days out, aligned with their values and ready to show up in the world the way they want to. 

Don't waste any more time trying to achieve Work/Life Balance ... or waiting for this mysterious motivation to kick in! Create your own Morning Shift, and make it happen. 

Discover how to go from a busy, chaotic, fatigued and disillusioned mindset  to empowered, free and confident in less 20 minutes! 

On the journey with you,

Yellow Rose


 I feel more connected to what is important in my life. I have even cut down on the caffeine. It feels good to end the day knowing that I did what I wanted to do, instead of wondering what just happened! 

Orange Flower


I am not a morning person and I have to be at work at 6am. Making a few changes in my routine, I feel better by the time I get to work (making good use of my 35min in the car). I am even sleeping better and managing the stress. With the tools to honor my values and vision, I am finding meaning again in my work. 

Purple Flower


Just a few small changes - that felt so out of reach - I am energized to take on my next adventure. 


Medical Disclaimer: Nothing on this website is intended to take the place of medical advice. Always consult your physician prior to making changes to your medical regimen.​

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