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Well-Being Virtual Tool Box

Nurse well-being matters to nurses, patients, health care organizations, and society (NASEM, 2019a). Well-being affects individual nurses in relation to physical and mental health, sense of meaning and purpose, professional satisfaction, and engagement with their job. Nurses’ well-being affects the patients and their perceptions of the quality of care they receive (e.g., McClelland et al., 2018; Melnyk et al., 2018; Ross et al., 2017; Salyers et al., 2017), and it also affects the health care system, as it effects retention rates and the costs of hiring and training new nurses (Jones and Gates, 2007; Lewin Group, 2009; Li and Jones, 2013).

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The Anatomy of Nurse Well-Being

Living a life of wellbeing is not about quick fixes. It's one step at a time, small actions ripple into outcomes. It is a life long journey. 
It doesn't have to be hard - we can do this together!

Join in with likeminded nurses,
but only if you want to live your best life, make a significant contribution - without sacrificing their well-being! 


Well-Being Tools

Favorite Resources / Apps

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Our Conference Give Aways were made possible by the generosity of a nurse who inspires and invests in the overall well-being of her colleagues. 

"I believe in nurses and that wellness is where we need to focus." Cathy Lee, BSN, RN, CAPA, CPAN

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