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Better living through chemistry - Why everyone should have a Nurse Aromatherapist on their Team!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I hear this said every day at work by Anesthesia providers as they explain what their role is in making this experience more tolerable. Years ago, i discovered essential oils - which brought new meaning to organic chemistry.

Did you know a group of essential oils classified as esters may be a solution - research has found it to be so- to one of the top 3 health concerns mentioned in every one of my classes, and polls I’ve taken among my fellow nurses. .


Stress, in itself, is not a bad thing. Unmanaged stress is a problem. Nurses (people in general really) are experiencing an unhealthy constant level of unmanaged stress.

There are many safe, natural stress management tools - that don't require advanced skill or a large budget. There are very common tools that are popular today - that have somehow gained value in our culture, despite their cost to long term health as well as the hit financially that adds up over time. Just one, and maybe one of my favorites - essential oils. Better living through chemistry.

One class of chemical compound, Esters are not just important for beer flavor - Essential oils high in esters are antispasmodic, often sedative and some are analgesic

Common esters found in essential oils are methyl salicylate, linalyl acetate. These are found in lavender, clary sage, Roman chamomile, bergamot, helichrysum, and for methyl salicylate-we have wintergreen and birch.

Essential oils are amazing tools for managing stress.

My favorite "reset" stress management tool - combining Frankincense with Wild Orange for the uplifting qualities with one of my favorite Esters - Lavender. One drop of each in a personal inhaler, applied to aromatherapy jewelry or even just in the palm of my hand - rubbed together, applied to the back of my neck or chest... breathe it in.


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