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Embracing Change: A Path to Your Extraordinary Self !

Every made a change - for the better - you lost the weight, ran the 5K, decluttered your closet, meal prepped for a solid 30 days straight.... it felt good, why didn't you do that sooner??!!

And then 3 months later you wonder what happened?? Why are you right back where you started?

Let give some attention today to something we all encounter: change.

Yep, that word that can make some of us cringe and others feel excited. But guess what? Embracing change is your secret weapon to unlocking your full potential and becoming a total rockstar in life. Get ready to learn about a fascinating concept called "homeostasis" and how it can either hold you back or propel you forward. And hold on tight, because I'm going to walk you through my signature "EMBRACE" steps – the ultimate toolkit to help you conquer change and step into your awesomeness.

Cracking the Code on Homeostasis:

Okay, let's break this down. Homeostasis is your body's natural desire to stay comfy and cozy in your comfort zone. But here's the kicker: that comfort zone can also be your biggest roadblock to growth. Imagine this: you're faced with a new challenge, a chance to level up in life. Your brain, trying to keep you safe, goes into overdrive. It hits you with stress and fear, making change seem like the enemy. Sound familiar?

Here it is, the EMBRACE Framework:

Picture this – you're about to conquer a mountain, and you've got a trusty guide. That guide is the "EMBRACE" framework, and it's going to help you own that change and reach the peak of awesomeness.

E - Establish Clear Goals: Start by setting crystal-clear goals. What's the thing you want to conquer? Pin it down and

keep your eye on the prize.

M - Move with Small Steps: Don't sprint, my friend. Take baby steps. Each small move adds up, building your confidence as you go.

B - Brave Discomfort: Get cozy with the uncomfortable. Seriously, the magic happens when you step out of that cozy comfort zone.

R - Reinforce Growth Mindset: Train your brain to see challenges as opportunities. This mindset shift is your secret weapon against self-doubt.

A - Align with Supportive Allies: Surround yourself with a squad that's got your back. These are the

peeps who lift you up and keep you going.

C - Cultivate Mindful Awareness: Mindfulness is your ninja skill. It helps you understand your thoughts and fears, so you can power through them.

E - Embrace Celebrations: Don't forget to party! Every victory, big or small, deserves a celebration. It fuels your fire to keep going.

Now you're armed with the "EMBRACE" steps, and you're ready to kick some serious change-butt. Embracing change isn't just a quick fix – it's a thrilling ride full of ups and downs. Lea

n into the discomfort, and watch your awesomeness unfold. It's time to own your journey, rise above the challenges, and get up every day to default to YES! Your Extraordinary Self!

What are you embracing?! I'd love to hear abo

ut it, celebrated with you, cheer you on!

For more on the concept of homeostasis and the art of mastery and change - click here to listen to Episode 25 on the Default to Yes Podcast


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